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Getting Your Moving Quote!

Out of the various methods of quoting moving jobs, we have found that the most accurate and best way to get you a price is through an in-home estimate!  With our Free In-Home Estimates, one of our Experienced Sales Associates will:

  • Come directly to your residence, with flexible appointment times including Evenings and Weekends

  • Walk with you through your house, filling out a complete list of the items you're moving

  • Answer Questions about your move that you might have and make sure we can take care of all of your needs for your move

  • Provide you with our Free Moving Guide, which includes Packing Tips, Insurance Valuation Explanations, Moving Tips, and more! 

  • Attain a box list, estimating the boxes that will need to be packed for your move, and include any Packing, Unpacking, Crating, Storage, or Special Service requests on your Quote

  • Finally, you will receive an Email Quote, with a full inventory list of your items moving, and a Flat Rate Price for your moving project! 


What is a Flat-Rate Moving Price, and why do I need it for my move?

Much like any other service industry, the Moving Industry has a wide variety of quality of companies and services offered.  We have found that the best way to offer quality services to our customers is to start with being up front with our customers, and their price for their move.  Our Flat-Rate, Bound Quotes allow us to provide you with a price that is specific to your inventory of your items in your home. 

How A Flat Rate Price Works

  • Once we have your inventory, we can use Industry Standard Cubic Footages and Calculations to calculate the size of your move!

  • Once we have the size of your move, we will know what it will take for our professional movers to do your move, and we can calculate your exact price

  • This pricing option we provide standard on Local and Long Distance Moves!

  • Our estimates to our customers provide the final move price on their move, and as long as what we are moving doesn't change, your price doesn't change!

Over the years, we have heard and seen plenty of horror stories in the industry, and the last thing we want is to make a customer feel like we have done that to them.  We strongly encourage anybody that is moving, even if you aren't using our services, to get in-home estimates, and a Bound Quote based off of a specific inventory list.  Also, be sure to do your homework on the movers that you are looking into, make sure that they are Licensed and Insured.  Look each company up online, and read reviews from quality sources.   

What If My Inventory Changes On My Move?

When moving, many people use the same time to get rid of extra clutter, old furniture, and other items that you won't need at your new house.  Or maybe you were trying to sell some items, so you didn't have them on your moving quote, and you have changed your mind about taking them.  Either way, you have no need to fret!  With our inventory-based style of quotes, if come the day of the move, you have less items for us to move, we will deduct them off of the price!  If you happen to have extra items, again, no big deal, we can add them onto your price, and we will do so based off of the specific items getting added, at the rates from your original quote.  

We also have had a lot of experience with people planning 4-6 months in advance for their move, and sometimes a follow up estimate is needed.  We also do these updated inventories for free for our customers, so that way if you have made a bunch of changes to your move, you can get all of your moving expenses adjusted to your final price in advance!

What about an Online Quote?

Do you already know the specific item list of what you're moving?  If you click on our online quote button, fill out our online inventory, we can still provide you with your Flat -Rate Price.  Please note that our online quotes and all of our pricing is based off of your inventory list, and in order for our online estimate to give you a price that won't change, we will need your list to included everything that's moving.  If you have filled out an online estimate and might have not included everything, we can still also follow up with an in-home estimate if necessary, or change the item list over the phone!

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