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Our History

With three generations of moving experience, O'Neill Transport Moving and Storage Inc. was founded in 2006, and since has strived to offer top quality of service in the moving industry, with affordable pricing.  

Starting out as just a small operation, offering in-state services in Florida, we grew and expanded rapidly.  Soon after we were offering local moving services in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Ocala, The Villages, and The Space Coast of Florida.  Once we had established who we were across the state, it was time to move across borders!  We currently have sales people established in North and South Georgia, North, Central, and South New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and of course, our home state of Florida.  

Doing a job right, however, is much more than having trucks in cities, and sales people around the country.  In order to maintain a level of service that the O'Neill Family can say we are proud of, we have strived to do right by people from the very beginning. 


First, we provide estimates with Flat-Rate Pricing, with no hidden fees, and no surprises later on.  The moving industry has become filled with fly-by-night companies, bait and switch companies, and other dirty business practices, that we will not stand by, and will never take a part in.  


Once an estimate has been accepted, the next step is getting the job done!  Not only do we hold ourselves to a high standard, but we also have high expectations of our own employees.  All of our employees are Drug Tested, Back Ground Checked, Trained, Professional, Courteous and just all around nice people.  Being a family business, while having children growing up in the industry, it has been important to us on who is around our family, and we continue that standard on to our Customers!

Delivering on our promise is where it all counts.  We run a claims-free business, and make sure that through the end of your move that our customers are taken care of!  Whether it is adjusting furniture placement(reasonably), neatly stacking boxes with labels facing out, utilizing flooring protection, or making sure you know exactly where special items are.  

Moving is hard, work with a company that wants to make it easy for you.  


Contact Us Directly!

Eddie O'Neill Jr

386-479-7963 or 386-479-8877


Shane O'Neill



Debra O'Neill 


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